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5 Social Media Marketing Strategies for the Digital Age

Learn how to take advantage of social media as a way to build your brand and a strong community of followers. The post 5 Social M...

Posted: Jul 26, 2021

5 Ways Agents Can Compete Against Direct Carriers

Many agencies are winning the battle against direct insurance carriers, finding new ways to differentiate and build their agencies. The post

Posted: Jul 25, 2021

AN Radio: Jason Walk of Agency InsurTech with Guest Host Mitch Gibson

Starting out with where the industry has come, Jason then shares about where he thinks it is going. Technology firms are bombarding the space these days, companies are trying to maintain their growth and retention. The post

Posted: Jul 22, 2021

Part 2: Best Practices for Reducing Your E&O Exposure

You need to be alert for changes in your insureds life circumstances and educate them about communicating life changes to you The post

Posted: Jul 20, 2021

Knowing Yourself and Understanding Others

Before we can develop the skills to effectively communicate with our prospect, we have to understand our own behavior and how we are wired. The post

Posted: Jul 19, 2021

Map Out Your Clients- A Different View of Your Agency

Mapping out your book can help you understand your client base, your carrier competitiveness and the effectiveness of your lead generation. The post

Posted: Jul 13, 2021

Is Your Brand Looking Like a Rummage Sale?

Why ask your prospects and customers to pick through your stuff to see what's important to them? It's time to freshen up the brand house! The post

Posted: Jul 12, 2021

AN Radio with Billy Williams and Reid Holzworth

It no longer makes sense to send your customer through a bunch of hoops and leave them with a difficult experience because carriers don't have connectivity. IVANS is opening doors to a younger workforce who are excited for new tech. The pos...

Posted: Jul 08, 2021

Personal Lines Endorsement Checklists: Protection Against E&O Claims

Learn why you need to protect your agency against potential Errors & Omissions suits with best practices, including Personal Lines Endorsement Checklists. Don’t leave things to chance! The post

Posted: Jul 06, 2021

Power in Numbers: Collaborating to Fight Ransomware

Collaboration between victims, the government, and the cyber insurance industry may be helping turn the tide on the ransomware pandemic. The post

Posted: Jul 04, 2021

AN Radio – Matt Bruno of ReSource Pro

Today, guest hosts Ted and Arlene Taveras welcome Matt Bruno of ReSource Pro to discuss all things on managing crises. The post AN Radio – Matt...

Posted: Jul 01, 2021

How New LinkedIn Features Can Help Build Your Brand

Learn how two features from LinkedIn help boost profile visibility, enhance personal or business brand, and build thought leadership. The post

Posted: Jun 30, 2021

Central Beliefs: A New CEO Builds on Rich Tradition

Chip checks in with Evan Purmort one year after taking over as president of Central Insurance to hear what's in store for Central. The post

Posted: Jun 28, 2021

The Five Biggest Mistakes Agency Leaders Make

While these aren’t the only mistakes agencies make, they’re the most common. They’re also avoidable. You must recognize the blind spots. The post

Posted: Jun 24, 2021

5 Simple Steps to Building a Memorable Agency Brand

If you’re just getting started creating your agency brand identity you should consider these 5 Simple Steps ... more

Posted: Mar 14, 2021

Advantages of COVID

What have we learned from COVID? Have we taken advantage of any tools to help us with our business? ... more

Posted: Mar 10, 2021

So You’re on a Podcast…Now What?

There are over 1.75 million podcasts on Apple's platform. Podcasts within the insurance space are growing, and need guests. Read ... more

Posted: Mar 08, 2021

Inventing a Better Wheel – Part 2

As the real estate landscape has changed, agents have had to adapt to the times as well. Before diving more ... more

Posted: Mar 07, 2021

5 Tools Every Producer Must Possess

Do you have the right behaviors to succeed in the commercial insurance game? In this article, I give you 5 ... more

Posted: Mar 04, 2021

4 Threats to Data That Agencies Need to Know About

Many businesses, including insurance agencies, are at risk of cyber attacks which can compromise sensitive data — here are the ... more

Posted: Mar 03, 2021

North Star: How Your Story Can Keep Your Brand on Course

All agencies have a story to tell. But is your agency effectively connecting with customers and clearly and quickly articulating ... more

Posted: Mar 02, 2021

The Art of Hiring

Art and hiring are similar when you think about the process. Changing and perfecting will lead to the perfect masterpiece ... more

Posted: Feb 28, 2021

Tips for Working with Real Estate Investors

Insuring investment properties can pose unique challenges including finding the right coverage for a changing portfolio ... more

Posted: Feb 25, 2021

The Future of Insurance Technology: What to Expect in 2021

We recently reached out to insurance industry thought leaders to get their perspective on technology and find out what role ... more

Posted: Feb 23, 2021

Does Your Agency Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you read the headline and are still unsure, then let’s clear it up: Yes, you need a strategy to ... more

Posted: Feb 22, 2021