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Medicare Part B covers ambulance transportation to a health care facility when it’s medically necessary and transportation in any other vehicle would...

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6 Times Short-Term Life Insurance Is a Good Idea

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Does Medicare Cover Addiction Treatment?

Medicare does provide coverage for treatment of substance use disorders. But there are a wide variety of approaches, and Medicare pays for only the th...

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What is major medical insurance and how does it work?

Before purchasing insurance, it is important to understand what your needs are in order to choose the plan that covers them.

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These are the best and worst insurers according to Condusef

The main causes for which they complained were dissatisfaction with the handling of compensation and requests for cancellation of the policy.

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How to purchase motorcycle insurance.

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Should You Buy Alien Abduction Insurance?

This Friday is World UFO Day, a date promoted by those who believe that "a world watches over us."

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5 Insurance Policies Every Solopreneur Should Have

Using various insurance policies is one of the best ways solopreneurs can protect their business and personal finances from potentially devastating risks.

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Looking for Pet Insurance? Lemonade Has Plans Starting as Low as $10 a Month for Dogs and Cats.

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4 Strategies For Entrepreneurs and Gig Workers Who Want to Take Control of Their Healthcare

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How To Juice Lemonade Stock Post Earnings

Despite jumping more than 300% from last November through the start of January, shares of the insurance tech stock have since lost their mojo.

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5 Types of Insurance Could Do More for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises This Year in Mexico

This year will bring new ways of working, doing business and of course, protecting our companies.

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Despite the Closure, Best Buy Mexico Will Keep Its Warranty Policies in Force Through AIG Garanplus

As reported by the company's insurance company, the more than 500 thousand protection plans that are active will be supported and will be made valid.

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How COVID-19 Could Affect Your Life Insurance Coverage

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