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Inaugural Innovation Summit Steers Climate Resilience from Ideation to Action

To foster better collaboration and transparency, the Catastrophe Resiliency Council proposes an Open Industry Exposure Database for climate risk research. The post

Posted: Dec 02, 2023

In Conversation: Enlyte’s Legal and Regulatory Experts on Top Trends to Watch in 2024

From shifts in drug costs to state-based workers’ comp system restructuring efforts, these are the trends workers’ comp professionals need to make sure they’re paying attention to.  The post

Posted: Dec 01, 2023

Rising Star James Needham Talks M&As in the Energy Space, How the Geopolitical Environment Impacts B...

James Needham of Aon shares what it’s like to broker in the traditional energy sector, how renewable energy can work in tandem with traditional energy and what 2024 holds for the space. The post

Posted: Dec 01, 2023

Rising Star Dain Dockter Shares Trends the Trucking and Transportation Industry Should Watch in 2024

Brokering in trucking takes real "salt of the earth" people to understand the complexities and the challenges this industry faces. HUB International's Dain Dockter strives to be just that. The post

Posted: Dec 01, 2023

How Digital MSK Biomarkers Can Improve Injury Recovery Outcomes

Over 90% of musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries can be treated without surgery — especially now that we have sophisticated biomarker data to inform the severity and recovery of MSK injuries. The post

Posted: Dec 01, 2023

The Four Horsemen of AI: How Tech Allows Tomorrow’s Underwriter to Predict, Segment, Optimize and Ge...

A session at ITC Vegas 2023 talked about underwriters and the capabilities of AI to change the future. The post

Posted: Nov 30, 2023

Triaging Operational Risks: A Practitioner’s Guide to Business Continuity

One of the core skills required for a business continuity and disaster recovery professional is the ability to conduct comprehensive business impact analyses (BIAs). This involves a meticulous review of critical business functions and operations t...

Posted: Nov 30, 2023

Modernizing Workers’ Comp: What One Occupational Health Provider Envisions for a Next-Level Platform...

With the goal of driving efficiency for every stakeholder in the workers’ comp system, Concentra has embarked on the development of next-generation technology solutions to make claim navigation and information-sharing easier. The post

Posted: Nov 29, 2023

The Insurance Communicators: 8 Questions for Mairi Mallon, Founder and CEO of Rein4ce

“Insurtechs are particularly guilty of talking to other startups and telling each other how amazing they are, when they should be learning the vocabulary of the people buying their products — insurance companies — and trying to explain their offer...

Posted: Nov 29, 2023

From Debt to Distress: What Happens When the Cost of College Diminishes Students’ Mental Health?

Financial stress can lead to larger mental health issues for students in higher education. How is this being addressed by colleges and their insurance partners? The post

Posted: Nov 29, 2023

The Growing Trend of Emotional Support Animals in Education: Opportunities and Challenges

Despite the growing interest, United Educators has not seen an increase in animal-related claims. Over the last 13 years, it has only had 10 claims related to emotional support animals, service dogs or pets across its 1,600 members. The pos...

Posted: Nov 27, 2023

10 Questions for Andrew Wynn, Founder and Co-CEO of Ascend

“Insured pays carrier, carrier pays commission. But there are these simultaneous loops always running and all of those systems are disparate. And as a result, all of those points of contact create friction, and friction is being dealt with by peop...

Posted: Nov 21, 2023

Legal Roundup: Male Model Abuse Case Filed, Uber and Lyft to Pay $328 Million NYC Wage Settlement an...

American Airlines faces uniform backlash, employment discrimination claims reach settlement at Apple and more in this edition of Legal Roundup. The post

Posted: Nov 21, 2023

Sound Waves, Acupuncture and Other Modalities That May Yet Have a Big Impact in Workers’ Comp

As we continue to broaden our perspective on the ways to treat injury and illness, let's not forget the powers of unconventional and complementary medicines. The post

Posted: Nov 20, 2023

News + Notes: USDA Awards $6.5 Million for Farm Risk Management Education, Global Debt Issuers Weigh...

The USDA has selected 22 organizations to receive $6.5 million to educate underserved, small-scale and organic producers on farm risk management and climate-smart farm practices. The post

Posted: Nov 20, 2023

Whole Foods’ Caty Wynn on the Importance of a Mental Health Lens in Workers’ Comp More

Caty Wynn of Whole Foods shares how she shifted gears from pastry arts and serendipitously found a fulfilling career path in workers’ comp. The post

Posted: Nov 20, 2023

Diversity Begets Diversity: Rachel Perry’s Winning Formula at Aon

Being the only woman or person of color in the room isn’t a role that Rachel Perry takes pride in. That’s why she plans to leave the industry more diverse than she found it. The post

Posted: Nov 19, 2023

Just Like the Cars They Insure, Automotive Policies Can Feel Comically Overengineered

Three years ago, I bought a car. A Mini. I hate it. It is the single most over-engineered object in history. The driver’s space is so poorly designed that recently I suffered a bruised a rib on the center console. If the car is ever hit side on, I...

Posted: Nov 18, 2023

The Number of People with Disabilities in the Workforce Is Growing. But Will They Find Careers in In...

In an enormous industry that touches nearly every facet of daily life, insurance and risk management experts say, there’s ample space for people of diverse abilities to thrive. The post

Posted: Nov 18, 2023

National Comp Isn’t Simply a Conference. It’s a Place Where Lasting Connections Form Organically

This year’s National Comp proved how connections form organically when comp professionals gather to educate and connect with each other and elevate the industry. The post

Posted: Nov 17, 2023

ESG and Cyber Are Fueling Class Actions. Why D&O Risk Selection Is Gaining New Gravity

As ESG and cybersecurity threats rise, so too do D&O risks. The post ESG and Cyber Are Fueling...

Posted: Nov 17, 2023

From Reimbursement to Prevention: What Will It Take for the Insurance Industry to Transform Its Endu...

For more than 350 years, the insurance model has been simple: Repair and replace after damage. However, with modern technology, we can now help our customers before they face loss. I recently joined the leaders of two preeminent insurance research...

Posted: Nov 16, 2023

From Shortage to Surplus: The Pressing Need to Reinforce the Workers’ Comp Talent Pipeline

A claims talent shortage has many in the industry rethinking recruitment and retention. The post

Posted: Nov 16, 2023

Wearable Ergonomic Technology Works, If Employers Have the Resources to Use It. Here’s How Insurance...

Wearable ergonomics can reduce workplace injuries and workers' compensation costs, but coordination and an alignment of incentives are required before they can gain a foothold. The post

Posted: Nov 15, 2023

Opinion | Collective Insurance Intelligence

The gates are opening for the inclusion of more women and people of color in our industry. Risk & Insurance editor-in-chief Dan Reynolds is thankful for the shift.  The post

Posted: Nov 15, 2023